Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why Tax?

For several months now I have been disturbed by this question: Why does the State tax its “citizens”? After all, fiat currency is created from the ether by the State and taxation is, on its face, a quasi limitation to the State’s popularity with the tax cattle. It is true that the State transfers wealth from a segment of the population to those who it favors in order to remain in power. It is also true that it uses the currency to not only buy votes but to buy favors. But all those things can be as easily done by just “printing” the currency they need.
*        Side note, I placed “printing” in quotes because a vast majority of currency is not even printed today, but just added as zeroes and ones in bank computer systems.

This question has been a constant distraction. A splinter in my mind; that although temporarily ignored, it resurged in the darkness as I tried to shut down my brain for the night.

Why tax at all?

I know, I know, if they only print the currency like Muggabe, they destroy the currency. So what? Fiat currency is not money, but a convenient method of exchange based on the violence of the State and the confidence game inflicted on the cattle. They can destroy the currency today and issue new currency tomorrow. They hold a monopoly on its production so they have no concerns from competing currencies. In addition, modern cattle would happily accept any new currency, that is issued after the chaos of hyperinflation, like a fat man at a buffet table. So why tax?

Then it hit me. The answer is so clear that I am ashamed I did not see it before. It has been sitting there at the edge of my vision like a threatening shadow or a melody that you cannot get out of your head but that you just can’t name. It’s as simple as it is evil. Perhaps that is why I did not see it before. Perhaps, even after centuries of evidence to the evil of the State, I still refused to accept it. Yet, there it was, staring at me; winking a malicious little wink that mocked me with its ugliness and evil.

The purpose of taxation is not to collect your surplus production. That is just a side benefit. The purpose of taxation is CONTROL. The State controls your decisions, actions, property, production, your very life through taxation! It is so clear now. They don’t really care about the paper or digits they extract from you. No, those are inconsequential. They do not care about the national debts numbers or the bond holders or any other of the distractions the magician is using to redirect your eyes away from the real purpose. They are using the power to tax in order to control you forever!

You are born into bondage. It does not even matter if you are born outside on the US. If your parents are servants, so are you. You go to a State mandated school. Your parents have no choice in the matter. The property taxes extract the money that they would have used to send you to a private school. Even then, the private school must follow the State mandated education or face the loss of their business license. You graduate from high school and are told, if you want to get anywhere in life, you must have a college education. So you get deeply into debt and attend four more years of propaganda and indoctrination. Then you are told: “Owning a home is the American Dream”; so you get a 30 year mortgage and tie yourself to a geographic location and a job or two to pay for it. So, let’s say you want to save enough to escape bondage. No Siree.. 

The more you make, the more they will tax from you.

You will pay taxes for schools you don’t want to send your kids to. You will pay taxes for police to monitor your behavior. You will pay taxes to defend “The Nation” from evil terrorists in IraqAfghanistanPakistanNorthAfricaetc. You will pay taxes to fund the TSA so when you travel, you can have your body groped by a Federal Agent. And even if you move out of the country, you must still pay taxes for services you are no longer receiving or desire, on income you are not making in the country. And then, you reach your golden years and you are a dependent of the State’s plunder of your grandchildren’s production. 

You are, in effect, an Indentured Servant.

Taxes are both a behavior modification tool and a fly trap to keep you from ever escaping.

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